Monday, August 31, 2009

Greg Kelley - Is Uncomfortable

Is Uncomfortable

I think that Greg Kelley and nmperign are kinda sorta that link between labels like Erstwhile and Hanson. Sorta a beautiful and harsh collision between those two worlds that seem somewhat diametrically oppossed.

But Kelley proved me wrong. oh wellz.

Albert Ayler - Music is the Healing Force of the Universe

Music is the Healing Force of the Universe

I love this record mostly for Masonic Inborn which is totally insane and my fav Ayler cut.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Evan Parker & John Wiese - C-Section (Second Layer Records 2009)

C-Section Part 1
C-Section Part 2

First post over here. Might as well plug my other blog (dick move). Static Collaborative. I like my things a little noisier. So here's some of what I have to offer.

Real-time improvisations to be played at maximum volume. Recorded May 2008. Mastered by Tommi Keranen.

Evan Parker: tenor/soprano saxophone
John Wiese: electronics, tape, MSP

In John's own words: "We recorded it together in a studio in London last year when I was over there. It differs from a lot of collaborations that I've done in that I went with Evan's vibe of keeping the integrity of the live take (which I don't necessarily normally do -- I love to edit). The session was two long takes, with two shorter ones of different strategies... I think if you crank it, it sounds pretty unique."

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Andy Moor, John Butcher, Thomas Lehn - Thermal (2003)

Sax,Guitar,Synthesizer. Maybe between SME and Borbetomagus aesthetic. Wonderfull Release.