Wednesday, October 28, 2009

C. Spencer Yeh & Wasteland Jazz Unit

Go this in the mail pretty recently from Jon Lorenz's label Rub-Don't-Blot. Sweet new label he's running to release everything Wasteland Jazz Unit related. Got another release from him to put up later.

This disc brings together two collaborative performances the artists did together at Art Damage Lodge in Cincinnati with John Rich on clarinets, Jon Lorenz on saxophone and C. Spencer Yeh on bowed bass and electronics.

The first set is more straightforward in its noisy direction while the second piece is more drone-y with blasts of noise throughout. Total free jazz noise fuckery. Enjoy!

p.s. - Sorry about my horrible writing skills.

p.p.s. - fuck pictures.

C. Spence Yeh & Wasteland Jazz Unit - Live at Art Damage Lodge
1. 11-08-2007
2. 09-27-2008

Saturday, October 24, 2009


nmperign was one of those bands that really made me question the whole concept of genre. I was really into the idea that everything was somewhat rigid and fell into only camps like EAI, Noise, Drone, Improv or what have you. It's not that their sound was radically different on each record it was that astheically it could been a Erstwhile or a American Tapes release. So much of what i didn't [and still don't] like about EAI is the fact that a lot of the music sounds so clean, but nmperign sounded raw in a way that the rest didn't.

Much of what I'm talking about is even more prevalent in Greg Kelley's solo and collaborative work outside of nmperign.

One of the best bands. If you're into this sort of this and you haven't heard 'em then this post is SOOO for you. Start with We Devote Every Effort, which is just one of the most brilliant records I've ever heard.

This Is Nmperign's Second CD
In Which The Silent Partner-Director Can No Longer Make His Point To The Industrial Dreamer
Nmperign + Dörner, Beins
Salt Peanuts
We Devote Every Effort To Offer You The Best That You Deserve To Have For Your Enjoyment

Arthur Doyle Electro-Acoustic Ensemble - Conspiracy Nation

Conspiracy Nation

I don't feel the need to explain to you why exactly Arthur Doyle is the fucking shit. He just is.

Oper'azione Nafta - Cavuru


Not exactly Free Improv or Jazz, but the record is this natural result of what a more intense Talibam! might sound like. I love that this came out on Siltbreeze in the midst of the Times New Viking type stuff as well. Great Record.