Wednesday, October 28, 2009

C. Spencer Yeh & Wasteland Jazz Unit

Go this in the mail pretty recently from Jon Lorenz's label Rub-Don't-Blot. Sweet new label he's running to release everything Wasteland Jazz Unit related. Got another release from him to put up later.

This disc brings together two collaborative performances the artists did together at Art Damage Lodge in Cincinnati with John Rich on clarinets, Jon Lorenz on saxophone and C. Spencer Yeh on bowed bass and electronics.

The first set is more straightforward in its noisy direction while the second piece is more drone-y with blasts of noise throughout. Total free jazz noise fuckery. Enjoy!

p.s. - Sorry about my horrible writing skills.

p.p.s. - fuck pictures.

C. Spence Yeh & Wasteland Jazz Unit - Live at Art Damage Lodge
1. 11-08-2007
2. 09-27-2008

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