Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Alexander Von Schlippenbach - Piano Solo

Piano Solo

Please don't ever make me choose between Schlippenbach or Cecil Taylor.

Taylor is kinda the ultimate point of reference for any sort of free piano playing. It's to the point where i feel lazy for making that comparison. It's conceivable that if you removed the bop and r&b influence that Taylor had and he grew up in Europe, then he would probably sound not all that dissimlar from this.

Educate me on free jazz pianists.


  1. I've got a disc of duets Schlippenbach recorded with Aki Takase, whose work I'm not at all familiar with but if you like these then you might be interested in hearing how he plays off another pianist. There's a couple of originals by both players as well as a Zappa tune and a Monk cycle, all of which feature some pretty furious call-and-response type improvs.

  2. Piano Duets Live in Berlin 93/94

    I don't have that Lacy CD I mentioned in the other post on me right now but I'll try and remember to up it this weekend.