Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Flaherty/Corsano/Yeh - Snow Blind Avalance LP (Important, 2006)

Paul Flaherty dropping the alto/tenor-sax, Spencer Yeh scraping the violin and warping some vocals, and Chris Corsano doing the skins. The notes are fast and sharp but the whole thing seems to meander calmly around, up and down. It's hard to pick out a standout musicians in this as they're all masters of their craft. Yeh's violin is certainly a wonderful addition, bending clean sounding strings around with slow weird bowings, and the skittery end to the first track matches perfectly with Corsano's slow 'drum-roll'. The first half of the second track is Yeh's bizarre cave-man vocal grumblings and Corsano's drumming, a perfect pair, but when Flaherty's sax comes screaming in stomping through the center, you couldn't ask for more. A perfect LP only release to coincide with 'Rock in the Snow' CD also released on Important.


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