Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Original Silence - The First Original Silence (Smalltown Superjazz, 2007)

Alright, so talk about all-star cast, Original Silence finds Paal Nilseen-Love on Drums/Percussion, Terrie Ex and Thurston Moore on Electric Guitars, Jim O'Rourke on Electronics, Massimo Pupillo on Electric Bass, and Mats Gustafsson on Baritone and Slide Saxophone and Electronics. Sounds overwhelming but this live set from September '05 in Italy isn't just the giant blast of noise you would expect. The opening track is lumbering and full of distorted bass, weird riffs and singing sax in some sort of fucked up punk-song? The BBC said it was somewhere between The Stooges and Albert Ayler. It's clattering, it's fast, it's slow, and it's sludgy. The second track is much more interesting, the fifty-minute track opens with the wall of sound you know was coming, cuts down to murky electronic interludes, clippy short feedback scrawls, sax that sounds like a man screaming, and building to a throbbing slow into slower ending. Fantastic.


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  1. What i said about Diskaholics is also true for Original Silence. It's the perfect kind of improv for thurston and his buds to do.