Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Khan Jamal Creative Arts Ensemble - Drumdance to the Motherland

the khan jamal creative arts ensemble

khan jamal - vibraphone, marimba, clarinet
alex ellison - drums, percussion
dwight james - drums, glockenspiel, clarinet
billy mills - fender bass, double bass
monnette sudler - guitar, percussion

probable recording date of 6 or 7 october, 1972, the catacombs, philadelphia, pa

"there's not another record on the planet that sounds even remotely like vibraphonist khan jamal's eccentric, one-of-a-kind masterpiece, drumdance to the motherland. in its improbable fusion of free jazz expressionism, black psychedelia, & full-on dub-like production techniques, drumdance remains a bracingly powerful outsider statement thirty-four years after it was recorded live at the catacombs club in philadelphia in 1972. comparisons to sun ra, king tubby, phil cohran & byg/actuel merely hint at the cosmic otherness conjured by the band & by recording engineer mario falana's real-time "enhancements." The first edition of three hundred copies, issued by jamal in 1973 on the local philadelphia label dogtown, was barely distributed outside the city's limits. since then drumdance has assumed a mythic status among the very few aficionados, e-bay mutants, & heads who know of it at all. " - eremite


  1. Man, you keep posting records i was about to upload. you and me are clearly on a similar wavelength.

  2. total classic. eremite's reissue job is sweet on it too.